Kia encourages customers to ‘Get ready for winter!’

This month, bullet has completed a winter dealer marketing campaign encouraging Kia’s customers to ‘Get ready for Winter’.

Marketing support kits have been delivered into Kia’s network of dealerships, with collateral promoting a number of after sales areas:

Give your tyres the thumbs up this winter – 3D tyre displays encourage customers to check they have enough tread for safe winter driving. We have also supplied dealers with credit card sized tread depth checkers – customers insert the corner indicator into their tyre tread to check their tyre’s safety

Free winter health check – a variety of materials including posters, strut cards and direct mail encourage Kia customers to come in for their FREE winter health check. When they do, they can also collect their free Kia branded travel mug (whilst stocks last).

Make sure you have this winter’s must have accessories – from boot liners to mud guards and car mats, Kia have everything you need to protect your car this winter.

Make sure you stop when you’re supposed to – Don’t leave it too late to get your brakes checked. A Kia trained technician will check for wear and tear and replace if necessary.

Bullet have delivered kits containing generic marketing materials for the above items, but Kia dealers can also log onto the dealer marketing extranet where they can personalise their own direct mail pieces with their dealership’s own contact details.

For more information on Kia Aftersales, visit

Wicked Value for Little Monsters!

Last month, Bullet’s client, The Original Bowling Company, launched their fantastic Monsterbowl campaign for Halloween.

The campaign, which features across all Hollywood Bowl and AMF bowling centres throughout the UK, is aimed at school children who can eat, drink and bowl for an amazing £4.95!

Before the launch, The Original Bowling Company ran a drawing competition for under 16s who were set the challenge to create and draw their own monster.  The winner got to win a free bowling session for their entire class and have their monster as a standee within the centres.

The offer is now drawing to an end, so make sure you get down to your local centre. Miss it – miss out!

Now then, now then, now then…

For those of you born before 1980 and are children of the 70’s you’ll no doubt be mourning the passing of Jimmy Saville.

Jim’ll Fix It was the X Factor and Strictly rolled into one on Saturday evenings in the 70’s and 80’s… Can you imagine the Xbox Live generation being inclined to write a letter for the slim hope of getting their dreams answered and more importantly a Jim’ll Fix It badge? In fact, can you imagine today’s kids writing a letter. Full stop? “Dr Jm, pls can u fix it 4 me 2 get an iPad?”

Jimmy was the first person to put the Fun in Fund Raising… We work with Comic Relief but one wonders if Red Nose Day could have ever happened without Jimmy’s efforts in the 70’s to educate the public that raising money can and should be fun? He was also the first to prefix Run with Fun and single-handedly started the craze for jogging. He also taught Usher everything he knew about how to wear a Gold Lame tracksuit!

He was the king of the catchphrase… he didn’t have one, he had loads… Guys and Gals, Now then, now then… goodness, gracious… as it ‘appens.

And what relevance is Mr Saville to our industry, you may well ask? Well, the man was an advertising legend… Clunk, click every trip…

How’s about that then.

Phil Goodman, Managing Director at Bullet Marketing