Bullet Loves… Alison Carmichael

If you haven’t seen Alison Carmichael’s work, make sure you have a look through her site.

In 2005 she got herself noticed with some self-promotional prints (one of them is shown here). Ever since her hand-drawn typographic style has been utilised in campaigns for some big brands including Stella Artois, Twinings, and Virgin.

Alison’s lettering is fun and characterful, blurring the boundary between type and image, but most importantly is incredibly well crafted. Her intricate hand-drawn typography is reminiscent of times past when adverts and billboards primarily used type, and it is refreshing to see typography once again taking the forefront in advertising.

Rugby World Cup 2011: Be On The Ball Campaign

As British nationals prepare for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in New Zealand which takes place between 9th September and 23rd October, the ‘Be On The Ball’ campaign (developed by Bullet and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) has been actively promoting the key Know Before You Go messaging to help rugby fans prepare for their travel to New Zealand.

The created “Know The Score” Z-card cards were designed to provide travel advice and information for British Nationals in the lead up to the games. Over 10,000 of these were printed and distributed via a number of campaign partners including Thomas Cook, Gullivers Travels, England Rugby Travel and the Scottish and Welsh Rugby Unions. Through these channels hard copies of the Z-card were included within travel documentation wallets and official merchandise being dispatched prior to the games. Several thousand Z-cards have also been printed for distribution to British rugby fans from Tourist booths and hotels in New Zealand during the games.

An electronic PDF version of the Z-card has also been included within online communication between campaign partners and British rugby fans, with Rugby unions including safety messages in their e-newsletters and e-zines sent out to fans before the games.

Further advice can be found at the dedicated Rugby World Cup advice page created by the FCO: www.fco.gov.uk/rugby which contains details of match dates, locations, travel tips and driving tips.