Foursquare: Reserved for the Mayor

Lately, it seems that Foursquare’s popularity has somewhat decreased. This could be due to the lack of check-in ‘rewards’ and Facebook users who opt for the convenience of check-ins via the site.

One American business that’s been a bit more creative with its Foursquare incentives, is Talia’s Tuscan Table in Florida. The restaurant offers its customers a table reservation and permanent car parking space to whoever is Mayor. Not a bad perk!

I’m sure a lot of brands and businesses currently on Foursquare could be a bit more original and entice new and existing Foursquare users with a great incentive like the one mentioned above.

What would you offer if it was your business….?


Bullet Loves…

Visitnorway Tunnel Travel from Matei Curtasu on Vimeo.

As shown in the video above, are advertising the beautifully, inviting landscape in an interesting medium.

Commuting the same route every day is exhausting and repetitive, but are entertaining people whilst riding the subway. With every screen perfectly aligned to each passenger window, it creates an enjoyable animation.

Gone are the days of simple posters and billboards!

Bullet Loves… Barclaycard PayTag

Here at Bullet, we have a real appreciation for interesting ads that show off great new inventions that make our lives a lot easier and hassle free. This new tongue-in-cheek ad is for the Barclaycard PayTag; the new way to turn any mobile into a contactless way to make an easy, secure payment. The days of fumbling for cash is over- it is right there when you need it most. Just make sure you don’t lose your mobile!