Pinterest – The Innovative Marketing Tool For Business

Pinterest, the picture-sharing social networking site has already emerged as the next big thing in social media for 2012. But you probably knew that already… The site, which only launched in 2010, has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms – boosting its UK market share by 68 per cent and attracting 1.9 million visits in the UK alone this January. Pretty impressive huh? But what’s even more impressive, is how Pinterest can be used by businesses as an important marketing tool. What a lot of people don’t realise is how the site is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs compared to YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn collectively (Reported by content-sharing site Shareaholic).

So how, as a business, should you take advantage of this? Well, as a starting point, you’ll need to know how consumers are using Pinterest. The site acts as a pin board, allowing its users to organise images found online and storing them in one virtual space. These can be of anything – from delicious recipes to the latest fashion trends. Users can create as many boards and categories as they wish. The possibilities are endless!! And once an image has been ‘pinned’, your followers can view it, like it, re-pin it or leave a comment. Similar in many ways to Facebook – and can even turn your pins viral!

Sound appealing? Well, it doesn’t stop there…

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